Reach Your Audience With Social Media Advertising

Our Services 

Social Media Management

Creating content on your social media platforms is important to your business, as it drives awareness to your audience to keep them updated on what is going on or any deals you want to share with everyone.

Paid Media Ads

We activate campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to bring awareness, traffic, leads, and conversions to your business. We will help you grow across your target audiences and engage and grow through effective community management practices.

Email Marketing

Email marketing automation helps you reach your audience at any time by building a user list and build a community. With personal messaging, you can engage with your audience on new deals or sales in minutes.


Building reports to look into what is working and how we can optimize within the campaigns and platforms to be more efficient in the future campaigns to waste as little money as possible.

About Us


We specialize in advanced marketing tools to give you the opportunity to reach your audience at a cost effective rate, driving a positive return on investment. With a strategic approach, we can drive awareness, traffic, and conversions to your business within the social platforms, based on your business goals. 

Working with two of the largest advertising holding companies for 4+ years, Chris saw how powerful social media advertising was to million dollar companies such as Eli Lilly, Webster Bank, HBO, Metlife, etc. Being from Brooklyn and surrounded by immigrant business owners, he knew local business owners would benefit from this form of advertising to generate more revenue and happiness. He decided to create Highland Media Co to help local business owners take their businesses to the level of success that they dreamt of.

Highland Media Co.

Brooklyn, New York