Social Media Management

Having a social media platform helps businesses engage with their audiences and builds community. Setting goals using the SMART method helps drive awareness to your audience and keeps them updated on deals that are happening or if you just want to check in. Content creation is a mix of promoting your product or service and sharing content that relates to your industry.

  • Specific – Making your goals specific and narrow for more effective planning 
  • Measurable – Using evidence to show how you are making progress 
  • Achievable – Making sure you can achieve these goals within the timeframe
  • Relevant – Goals should align with your values and long-term goals 
  • Time-based – Setting a realistic end-date for efficient optimizations  


Paid Social Ads

Using Facebook and Instagram, we activate campaigns using thumb-stopping creative to drive awareness, traffic, and conversions to your business. Building audiences based on age, gender, demographics, behavior, interests, site visitors, and more, is extremely important when building campaigns because you want to be as efficient as possible to meet your goals. Using lead ads like the one below, a user can click on an ad and fill out a form, which then you receive that information to help drive a sale. Using Email automation plays a great role because once a user submits their form, they will be added to the leads list and they will receive an email seconds after submitting. 

Email Marketing

Using Email automation helps promote your product or service, being an amazing tool to help you generate sales and awareness. Using lead forms or subscriber forms, you can build a list of users and create personal emails to engage with and build follow up emails for certain actions they take. With 90% of users who are still using email today, why not use this opportunity to reach out. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 12.39.26 PM


Analytics helps businesses convert data into valuable information. Building weekly and monthly reports give you a chance to know what campaigns or audiences are and aren’t working, therefore making the right optimizations to generate a higher ROI.